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Acoustic louver
Acoustic louver
https://starduct.vn/storage/2022/08/21/Acoustic Louver 21.png
https://starduct.vn/storage/2022/08/21/Acoustic Louver 2.png
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Acoustic louver

Product codeSAL-F

Order codeSAL-F(WxHxD)

MaterialThép mạ kẽm - Tôn đục lỗ + Bông khoáng



Starduct Acoustic Louvers (Flat blade type) have steel frame, sizes 300~450mm by 1.0mm galvanized steel sheet. Free Area > 25% . The 45 deg. aerodynamic blades are made of 0.58 gal steel sheet, 0.75 perforated gal steel sheet and acoustic wools Perforated steel sheet has free area 50%. Acoustic materials is mineral wool, density 80kg/m3, thickness 50 ~ 100mm, wraping glass fiber is black, thick, density 162kg/m2

Powder coating finish in RAL9010 standard colors or optional color as requested, conforming with AMA 2603-15 standard for outdoor, service life over 5 years

The stainless steel anti-insects net is available as an option

The max. width could be up to 3000mm with sub-frame @ every 1 m space.

Production standards : AMCA 500L

Scope of testing: A) Sound Power Level (NC) B) Air Volume versus Static Pressure C) Area Factor D) Throw Pattern (test report pending)

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