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Đại diện ngành sản xuất phụ kiện hệ thống MEP tại Việt Nam

About Starduct

Top brand in Vietnam MEP market
Established in 2004, Star Asia has gradually proved our position through
high-quality products, extended our manufacturing scale and ensured to
meet the demand of a wide range of large-scale projects.

Affirm our leading position

Star Asia JSC is either the manufacturer or distributor of technical products for electromechanical systems. We proudly introduce products with the quality that meet the national and international standards thanks to our deep research, design, manufacturing, and testing processes. Currently, Star Asia's products account for 60% Vietnamese MEP market share.
Product lines
Air grilles: reach 3000 products/ day
Air grilles (diffusers) comprise different types such as diffusers, air grilles, large-size louvers and check doors. Star Asia's air grilles are parts of large construction sites such as buildings of VINGROUP, SHERATON & MARRIOTT - the most upscale five-star hotel chain in Vietnam,...
Flexible duct: 1000-2000 m²/ day
Star Asia supplies all kinds of ducts: square, round to flexible ducts, flexible joints, silencer, insulated duct EI and other related accessories. We guarantee that 100% of products are seriously tested based on strict requirements such as ASHRAE, European standard Type LOC4.
Unistar hanger: Take the lead in terms of the quality
Possessing large-scale operations with tremendous capacity, Star Asia firmly proves that we can supply huge quantities with consistent quality. In particular, UNISTAR channel is the strut channel with the configuration, and shape that aligns with MFMA-4 standard of American Metal Frame Manufacturers Association.
Air damper: reach 1000+ items/ day
The air damper is considered the core and also the most complicated product in the HVAC system, so Star Asia invests lots of time and effort in R&D and technologies, manufacturing, testing and human capital. Our products meet the AMCA, ASTM, ASHRAE, UL, ISO,... standards.
Cable ladder: 3000m/ day
Star Asia firmly declares our cable ladder system meet either national and international- level standard such as TCVN, BS EN, NEMA, IEC,... which ensures such those criteria: strong, lightweight, quick instalment, good looking, long life span (45 years) and especially the fee is 25% lower.
Solar battery bracket: Durable Solar PV
Solar battery brackets are manufactured and tested according to TCVN and IEC standards, anti-corrosion life can be up to 45 years depending on the installation site (as directed by Nippon Steel Nissin Japan).
STARDUCT is a brand belonging to Star Asia JSC, which manufacturers products in compliance with common worldwide standards and current Vietnamese standards. STARDUCT is proud to be a part of projects hosted by large corporations such as VINGROUP, SỦNGOUP, COTECCONS, HITACHI, COLAS RAIL...
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