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Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type
Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type
Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type
Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type
Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type
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Cone Round diffuser 2-cone type

Product codeSRD2

Order codeD600 D460 D410 D300

MaterialVật liệu: nhôm Hoàn thiện tiêu chuẩn: sơn tĩnh điện Màu tiêu chuẩn: trắng - RAL 9010 Tỉ lệ thoáng: > 50%



Starduct Round Diffusers (2-cone type) have frame made of aluminum sheet grade A6063-T5 and the core made of 1.0mm aluminum sheet . Cones are linked to to frame by latches X-shape aluminum "skeleton" of the same grade that easily removed to access the OBD and other nearby parts of ducting system.

Round plenum (jointed to the diffuser) available with sizes of D200 ~ D400 for matching correspondent flexible ducts

Powder coating finish in RAL9010 standard colors or optional color as requested with Jotun paint or equivalent, service life over 5 years

The radial OBD is made of steel sheet in various sizes (D200 ~ D 400), black painted, adjustable from the front of the diffuser.

Production standards : Ashrea 70:2006. ASHRAE 70-2006 Standard “Method of Testing for Rating the Performance of Air Outlets and Inlets” ADC1062: GRD-84 “Test Code for Grilles, Registers and Diffusers”.

Scope of testing: A) Sound Power Level ((NC) B) Air Volume versus Static Pressure C) Area Factor D) Throw Pattern (test report pending)

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