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Linear bar air grilles [fixed (SCLB) & openable (SCLB-O) core]
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Linear bar air grilles [fixed (SCLB) & openable (SCLB-O) core]

Product codeSCLB & SCLB-O

Order codenull

MaterialMiệng gió nan thẳng nan chữ T Starduct làm bằng nhôm hợp kim đinh hình A6063-T5 diện tích thông thoáng đạt ~80%



Starduct linear bar grilles are made of extruded aluminum alloy grade A6063-T5. Free Area ~80% . Frame and blades are linked by aluminum pins of the same grade. Adjustable blades are parallel to the width of the grille with a 20mm gaps. When the grille width over 600mm, blades should be reinforced. All frame corners are reinfored by pressing special corner connectors for prevent them from twist and paint break

Powder coating finish in RAL9010 standard colors or optional color as requested with Jotun paint or equivalent, service life over 5 years

The OBD is made of extruded aluminum, black painted. No plastic gears are used in the damper. Opposed blades of the damper are adjustable from the front of the grilles via lever or screw knob.

Production standards : Ashrea 70:2006. ASHRAE 70-2006 Standard “Method of Testing for Rating the Performance of Air Outlets and Inlets” ADC1062: GRD-84 “Test Code for Grilles, Registers and Diffusers”. Intertek Report Number 104519155CRT-001a dated April 14, 2021.

SCOPE OF TESTING: A) Sound Power Level ((NC) B) Air Volume versus Static Pressure C) Area Factor D) Throw Pattern

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