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VOLUME CONTROL DAMPER (knob handle screw type)
VOLUME CONTROL DAMPER (knob handle screw type)
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VOLUME CONTROL DAMPER (knob handle screw type)

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Starduct VCD (w. knob handle screw handle), Model : S-VCD(SQ) frame is made of Z180 galvanized steel sheet, thickness 0.95 ~ 1.15mm on auto-production line for high unifomity. Blades optional flanges C/TDC/V3/V4 subject to damper sizes. Damper blade is 3V type, made of Z180 gal steel sheet, thickness 0.95 ~ 1.15mm, max. length 850mm. If damper width > 850mm, blades shall be divided by supporting steel U-channel.

The knob handle screw is stepless-operation type with ABS knob. The handle has construction and shape make it easily installed & accessed in narrow space. Damper shafts are made of 10x10mm steel square bar. Shaft bushes are made of PPP plastic of bronze fixed in damper frame. Shaft and blade are joined weldlessly by pressing. Blades are linked together by an interlock mechanism of steel bars tha help blades running simultaneously when opening/closing.

Production standards : Complying with AMCA 500D; Test report No.10131/VLXD-TBMT, Test standard BS-EN 1751:1999

Scope of Test : Leakage of damper frame - Class A, leakage of damper blade -Class 1A

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